Did The Coronavirus Cancel Your Medical Device Conference?

By Andrew Alayza

Whether you want to network with experts & influences, discover new business opportunities, or remain at the cutting edge of new medical device inventions, conferences can be an excellent opportunity.

As the coronavirus spreads globally, it has caused a significant impact on the medical device world. Expect more changes in the coming days and weeks as cases continue to rise.

Below is a list of the major medical device conferences that have been altered by the coronavirus. Check back often, as this list will be updated:

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition


The HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition was scheduled to start on March 9 at the Orange County Convention Center, where nearly "45,000 health information and technology professionals, clinicians, executives, and market suppliers" would attend from around the world, according to the HIMSS website.

The organizers canceled just a few days before the start of the conference and called it "unavoidable" to protect the public's health and safety. 

Visit the HIMSS20 FAQ page for more information.

DeviceTalks Minnesota

Postponed for June 1-2, 2020

DeviceTalks gathers entrepreneurs, engineers, manufacturing managers to discuss every challenge – and opportunity – facing professions in the MedTech industry. WTWH Media, the event's organizer, announced the new dates on February 12, and so far, it seems that none of the speakers have canceled. 

MedCity Invest

Postponed for July 21-22, 2020

The health investing conference connects investors and corporate business development executives. This year's event was postponed and will be held at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago.

Medtech Strategist Innovation Summit Dublin

Postponed for September 7-9, 2020

Citing concerns around the attendee's safety, the event organizers decided to postpone the event to September. This conference will be held at the Shelbourne Dublin Hotel.

BIOMEDevice Boston

Postponed for September 16-17, 2020

Initially set to take place May 6-7, the event will still be held at the same location, the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Postponed for September 29-30, 2020

The annual event brings together designers, engineers, innovators, and manufacturers from across healthcare sectors to explore new ideas and technologies. Citing escalating global concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak, the event's organizer has announced it will postpone the event until the Fall.


Postponed, dates TBD

Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus in Europe, MedtecLIVE, together with MedTech Summit, will be postponed to a date later this year. The new times are yet to be announced. 

World Health Care Congress (WHCC20) 

Postponed, dates TBD

Given the current circumstances and the impact of COVID-19, direction from Washington, DC officials, and information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the WHCC has been rescheduled to take place later in the year.

Design Of Medical Devices Conference


The University of Minnesota canceled the event on March 13. Despite the news, the team is in the process of planning a one-day DMD 2020 event later this year to hold the Artificial Intelligence and Medical Devices Emerging Technology Forum as well as other topics.

Accomplish Your Goals. Despite Coronavirus

Canceled conferences put a toll on all of our efforts to:

  • Discover emerging technologies 
  • Meet emerging experts and KOLs 
  • Evaluate new business partnerships

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The Brave Ones

Here’s a list of conferences that are still proceeding as planned. We will monitor this list update this article if any others cancel or reschedule.

  • 10x Medical Device Conference (April 15 - 16, San Diego, CA)
  • FDC/Xavier MedCon Conference 2020 (May 5 - 8, Cincinnati, OH)
  • Southeast MedTech Forum (May 19 - 20, Downtown Raleigh, NC)
  • The MedTech Forum (May 25 - 27, Berlin, Germany)
  • OMTEC: Orthopaedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition and Conference (June 9-11, Chicago, IL)
  • MD&M East (June 9 - 11, New York, NY)
  • AAMI Exchange (June 12 - 15, New Orleans, LA)
  • Medtech Conference (June 16 - 17, Minneapolis, MN)
  • WSGR Medical Device Conference (June 18 - 19, San Francisco, CA)
  • MedTech Summit (June 22 - 26, Dublin, Ireland)
  • MedFIT (June 30 - July 1, Grenoble, France)
  • Medtec China (September 14 - 16, Shanghai, China)
  • DeviceTalks Boston (September 23 - 25, Boston, MA)
  • AMD: American Medical Device Summit (October 19 - 20, Chicago, IL)
  • MD&M Minneapolis (October 28 - 29, Minneapolis, MN)
  • DeviceTalks West (December 09 - 10, Santa Clara, CA)
  • BIOMEDevice San Jose (December 9 - 10, San Jose, CA)

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