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Earn money in your free time by sharing your life sciences expertise through secure messages.

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Reply On Your Schedule

Earn money while waiting in line for a coffee, during your morning commute, or in-between meetings.

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Messages Without The Spam

Relevant opportunities come to you. Legit helps keep unsolicited messages away and surface the relevant ones back to your radar.

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Join A Like-Minded Community

Use your knowledge to accelerate cutting edge science and expand your network with other like-minded experts.

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Keep The Money Or Donate To Charity

Getting paid through Legit is fast and effortless. You can also donate your proceeds to a charity of your choice.

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Here are some of the most common questions we get from experts.

  • What types of questions can I expect?

    The majority of questions on Legit can be answered within a few paragraphs using your existing knowledge.

  • How much will I get paid?

    Legit experts can set their own hourly rate.

  • Do I pay any fees?

    Legit does not charge Experts a transaction fee. 100% of your earnings belong to you.

  • How will companies find my profile?

    Companies will see your profile after entering a query relevant to your area of expertise. You can also actively promote your Legit Profile link across your social media profiles, online bios, and publications.

  • What if I can't answer a question?

    There are no penalties associated with skipping a question. You have the freedom to decline or accept messages at your discretion.

  • Who can be a Legit Expert?

    Legit Experts are highly proficient within an area across the life sciences. To start an application, click here

  • Who will ask questions?

    Life sciences companies, academics, physicians, law firms, and journalists make up the majority of Legit users seeking expertise.