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Swiftly search, discover, and vet new technologies by collaborating with leading experts.

Legit™ helps you identify and collaborate with experts in life sciences.

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Surface Emerging Technologies Before The Competition

Discover the most promising emerging technologies. The Legit™ platform maintains over 40 million published articles and helps you cut through the noise through NLP.

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Prioritize Your Opportunities

Know which technologies have the highest impact on your organization. Identify the most promising and legitimate ideas by connecting with an unbiased expert in the subject matter.

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Derisk Alliances And Accelerate Due Diligence

Collaborate with relevant experts to perform due diligence, accelerate processes, and reduce internal risks. With the most extensive industry network, the Legit™ platform has the precise expert for each topic.

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Take The Fast-Lane: Speedy & Smooth Engagements

On average, Legit™ customers connect with the right person five times faster than traditional methods.

Skip The Logistics

Let the platform handle scheduling, compliance, payments, transcripts, legal processes, and more. 

Largest Industry Network

With 2 million experts, Legit™ allows you to discover and connect with leading experts on any topic - no matter how niche.

Receive Exact Matches

Go beyond simple keywords. Legit™ allows you to upload entire documents to match you with pertinent experts and publications.

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