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Uncover Synergies Between Teams

Power your integration efforts with data-driven people decisions.

The Legit™ platform maintains over 40 million data points to help you cut through the noise.

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Uncover Top Talent

Gain a clear understanding of each team member's area of expertise and work experience beyond the resume. Discover knowledge gaps and prevent duplications.

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Fuel Cross-Company Collaborations

Overcome silo challenges. Use the platform to uncover experts across new organizations to make the most out of the acquisition. 

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Create Continuous Synergies 

Use Legit™to identify the right people for training, interview panels, trade shows, media interviews, and more.

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Take The Fast-Lane: Speedy & Smooth Processes

On average, Legit™ customers discover the right information five times faster than traditional methods.

Receive Exact Matches

Go beyond simple keywords. Legit™ allows you to upload entire documents to match you with pertinent experts and publications.

Largest Industry Network

With 40 million data points, Legit™ allows you to discover and connect with leading experts on any topic - no matter how niche.

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